Using state of the art software Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio, Multi track software we can create studio quality, tracks for your use for example backing tracks of any of your projects including professional video productions'.   We can tailor music that reflects the Genre you need i.e. Rock, Latin, Electronic, Pop, Percussion, Country, Funky Town Electronic.

There are many more genre's you get the idea.

One hobby of mine is to view music from US, UK and AUSt.... the surprise that you get from the auditions, the amazing undiscovered talent from every day people.

Meanwhile explore my website, and send me your requests. 

Debut Album

Diverse Instrumentals

  Title                              Genre
  1 Kickin' Back              Rock 04:45
  2 Steppin' Out              Latin 03:15
  3 Getup and Go           Pop 03:15
  4 Hot Rocks                Country 02:18
  5 Intense                      Funk 02:37
  6 Atmosphere              Electronic 06:02
  7 Walking the Horse    Country 06:34
  8 With a Purpose         Trailer 02:45
  9 Kickin' Back 100       Rock 02:45

Kickin' Back - Inspired by ZZ Top style of rock music
Steppin' Out - Latin music with a little electronic flavour
Getup and Go - Pop music with percussion in the mix
Hot Rocks - Influenced by Country style music
Intense - Inspired by Funky town music
Atmosphere - Electronic music with some percussion added
Walking the Horse - Inspired by Country style music
With a Purpose - Influenced by Thriller type motion picture soundtracks Kickin' Back 100 (Up Tempo Version) - Track 1 with beats per minute raised giving it a different flavour

Available @ iTunes Available @ Amazon Amazon Euro (Germany) Amazon UK Release Date: August 27, 2012 Genres: Blues, Music, Country, Electronic, Rock (c)

Cello's Studio Werks Total Length: 34:17
ASIN: B00937ENKY Album artwork

Feel free to download my artwork for your use in printing covers for my albums. Please don't modify the graphic files for any other than it's intended use.

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